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Make Your Own All Natural Soap Bars!

After trying out several different recipes for shower gels, we decided to venture into the world of soap bars! Shower gels are great, but I am loving soap bars even more. The great thing about making these products at home is not just knowing exactly what’s in them, but also being able to completely customize each product! Making soap bars at home is a quick and easy (and fun might I add) project that your skin will be eternally grateful for!! Below is a super simple instruction guide to getting some soap bars made for yourself.

What You’ll Need:

All Natural Melt and Pour Soap Base

There are several different formulations based on your preference: goat’s milk, shea butter, coconut milk, etc. The quantity really depends on how many bars you plan on making and what the size of your mold is, so adjust accordingly.

Essential Oils of your choice (Young Living EOs, of course!)

I made two different bars this time around, you may choose a blend or opt for a single oil. Here are some possible combinations: Lemon/Grapefruit/Orange, Geranium/Lemongrass, Orange/Patchouli/Ginger, Lavender/Chamomile… the possibilities really are endless!

All Natural Soap Dye

Totally optional, but we have decided to give some a try for added fun in creating different bars! If you choose to use this, very little is needed. I would recommend starting small and add more as need.

Rubbing Alcohol

Add some into a spray bottle and spray as needed once your soap is in the mold to get rid of the bubbles that form at the top.

How to:

Cut down the amount of soap that you will be needing and melt it down. You can do this by throwing it in the microwave for 20-30 second intervals, stirring each time or also by using the double boiler method.

Once the soap has melted down, you have to act fast! This stuff will start solidifying if you leave it idle for too long. Add in the essential oils and mix in the coloring if you are using any.

Once everything is combined, pour the mixture into the mold and spray the bubbles away that form at the top with alcohol. You don’t necessarily have to do this, but the bubbles will definitely stay if you don’t.

Once the mix is in the molds, let it set until solid and you’re done!

(Below are some pictures of the process)

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