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Summer 7: Grapefruit Aloe Body Wash

Sooo, I may have missed a day. And today it's late, but I WILL put up two blog posts before I go to bed tonight!

As we prepare for our 2 weeks in Hawaii, we are making huge batches of our go to recipes! Today's mission was to make enough body wash for 11 people that will last the entire duration of the trip.

On day 3 of 7, I'll be sharing with you my new favorite body wash recipe that's just perfect for the summer: Grapefruit Aloe Body Wash!

Let's begin!

What You'll Need:

8oz Bottle

1/3c Organic Aloe Vera Gel

1/3c Castile Soap

1/3c Water

1/2tsp Grapefruit Essential Oil

1 Drop Ginger Essential Oil

(I tripled this!!)


Combine the first three ingredients into your bottle and add in your essential oils. Shake well to combine and enjoy!

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