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June Promos!

Hello everyone! We wanted to help everyone start their summer right by running some promotions for our site shop and the Young Living Premium Starter Kit.

The first one is specifically for the shop on this site where you will find a wide assortment of all-natural, handmade products including rubs and soaps. When you refer a friend to our site, you will both receive 50% off of your order! Message us on Facebook here or email us here to receive this promo!

The second promotion is for those of you looking to finally take the leap into oils by purchasing the Premium Starter Kit, now is the time! I remember when I first purchased the kit, having a travel case with small vials of oil was probably one of the best ways for me to discover the benefits they offer. Being at work limited what I could do when a head ache was imminent, but being able to reach into my purse for a mini peppermint and lavender to massage on provided me with almost instant relief. I want to share this feeling with you by gifting anyone who purchases their Young Living PSK through me a travel case full of 3ml vials to fill with your favorite oils.

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