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2 DIYs You Need For Your Furry Friends!

As the heat is pouring in with summer quickly approaching, little critters follow the lead and come out to "play". Besides my personal favorite (NOT) ants, coming in at a close second is the almighty flea. They are a nightmare and leave my poor pups itching 24/7. Before I discovered the magic (yes, magic) of essential oils, I felt pressured to spend hundreds of dollars at the vet pharmacy for flea medication. With three dogs, purchasing these pills became an absurd expense and I eventually stopped to search for a better solution. This left them heavily infested with fleas as they were left outside a good portion of the summer. We tried flea repelling shampoos from stores, the prices were more reasonable, but the ingredients were not. One bottle we thought we would give a try read "Wear gloves while in use to avoid skin irritation"...we were all appalled! How could something be okay to be rubbed all over my dogs, but not on myself?? No thank you.

With the help of my trusty Thieves Household Cleaner, a few essential oils and some FCO, my pups were flea free in no time! In between washes we use a flea repelling spray to keep them happy. Below I will share the recipes for both!


Essentially Pure Dog Shampoo

What You'll Need:

8oz bottle

2 capfuls of Thieves Household Cleaner

10 drops Citronella Essential Oil

10 drops Lavender Essential Oil

10 drops Purification EO

4oz of Fractionated Coconut Oil

4oz Distilled Water

2 tsp Vegetable Glycerin

1 tsp Xantham gum (optional)

Mix all ingredients into bottle and you're done! When bathing dogs, use a quarter sized amount and massage all over then rinse.

***This shampoo is only for dogs, cats cannot have citronella!

Annoyance Free Spray For All Pets

What You'll Need:

4oz Spray Bottle

Approx 4oz Distilled Water

3 drops of Lavender EO

2 drops of Oregano EO

2 drops of Eucalyptus Radiata EO

5 drops of Lemongrass EO

6 drops of Purification EO

Mix all in spray bottle and use as needed.

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